Most opportunities for business optimization, such as predictive maintenance, are driven by advanced big data analysis.
This will only work if the available data is reliable, trustworthy and affordable. The capability to act upon reliable data
has a massive market value and is the driver behind Industry 4.0.

SAT4M2M ensures the link between your object and your decision support system: message include input from any sort
of sensor, send regularly (near real-time) and reliably, and the decrypted message/data are ready to be fed into any sort
of decision support system.


Global Coverage

Roaming costs and black spots are a thing of the past.
Our satellite network offers truly global coverage from day 1.

5 Year Autonomy

Many connected objects require an guaranteed battery life of multiple years.
Our ultra low power technology allows 3 messages per hour, lasting 5 years.


Connect any sensor that you need.
Receive the secured data in nay platform you use.