ESA’s Strategic Partnership with SAT4M2M – Signature of the Memorandum of Understanding


On February 09th, 2017, Mr. David Parker, Director of Human Spaceflight and Robotic Exploration (D/HRE) of ESA, and Dr. Martin Haunschild, CEO of SAT4M2M, signed the Memorandum of Understanding for the Pilot Phase of SAT4M2M’s project “TELDASAT Technology Demonstration and System Verification on ISS/Columbus” (TDSV), following a successful participation in the ESA Call for Ideas “Space exploration as a driver for growth and competitiveness: opportunities for the private sector” in 2016. “This Pilot Phase represents an important milestone for the TELDASAT system test and evaluation of the world’s first, disruptive global M2M data communication system which is the base of world-wide asset monitoring or process optimization in the sphere of the IoT, the revolution of Internet for smart domains” says Martin Haunschild. The common goal is the implementation of SAT4M2M’s intelligent beam-forming antenna as well as the processor unit onboard of the International Space Station ISS, paving the way for a commercial use of the ISS as a “manned satellite” testbed for IoT services. The intention is to offer a new global service to the highly connected world of objects and machines, complementing ideally existing terrestrial IoT and 3GPP connectivity solutions under development “that could be deployed and scaled up in many verticals: farming, industry 4.0, energy, environment, transportation and logistics…”claims Philippe Moretto, SAT4M2M COO. The long-term vision is to establish a dedicated satellite-based communication system in LEO that provides a 24/7 service for global infrastructure monitoring and related data services: TELDASAT – “Telematic Data Communication via Satellites”.