Organisations are putting IoT devices in place to do a specific job, but then branching out and using their sensors to
capture other valuable data:

New connectivity options drives the next wave of adoption

1/3 of those considering IoT are looking at LPWAN, with its promise of great autonomy and cost efficiency.

Adopters want connectivity that’s secure, reliable and pervasive

The top considerations when choosing connectivity for IoT projects are network coverage (3/4 of adopters) and security (3/4). Choosing an LPWA network used to be an important decision in the adoption strategy for your Industrial IoT. But not any more….


SAT4M2M upgrades your chosen LPWA network to truly global, secure coverage …


Connect any sensor that you need and receive the secured data in any platform you use, complementing LPWA technologies (Sigfox, LoRa, …)


Roaming costs and black spots are a thing of the past. Our satellite network offers truly global coverage from day 1, including deep sea, aerial and remote connectivity.


Many connected objects require an guaranteed battery life of multiple years.
Our ultra low power technology allows 3 messages per hour, lasting 5 years.



of SAT4M2M is to enable this global data communications by design, development and operation of the next generation, globally available TELDASAT service, completing existing terrestrial infrastructure which suffers from lack of coverage or high CAPEX.

· Unleash the power of IoT based predictive maintenance

· Optimize intermodal logistics operations in a secured way

· Optimize process by monitoring, tracking and tracing objects and assets

· Impact your organisation on a global scale including back and front offices (Industry 4.0)

· Connect your IT/OT systems with any IoT platforms and paves your AI ways

· Save operational costs in a sustainable manner with green efficiency




addresses this vast and urgent unmet need by its LPWA network which will be optimized according to the following success-critical specifications:

· Truly global system coverage, completing terrestrial LPWA systems

· Extremely low-cost of use

· Very low battery drain at user / object side

· Independency with advanced integrity and security levels


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April 2018

Meet us at the Hannover Messe April 24-25
The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. The rise of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies is causing digital disruption like never before. The Hannover Messe choses Industry 4.0 as the main theme for their 2018 edition, and the EU SME Agency participates with an exclusive brokerage event to meet over 70 innovative SMEs. On their website, the EU highlights 5 companies not to miss at the Hannover Messe, and SAT4M2M is one of them.
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March 2018

SAT4M2M and FUJITSU Electronics have decided to cooperate on the development of a dedicated module enabling IoT communications via satellites.
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March 2018

European Innovation Council (EIC) selects SAT4M2M from 79 participating European SME’s as one of the most promising start-ups to invest in by selecting them for the Mobile World Congress (MWC), Barcelona pitching competition in front of a professional investors jury – referencing to the news the SME agency published:
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February 2018

a proposal for a demonstration project is submitted to ESA, to roll out a large scale demonstrator for the service

May 2017

the final frequency review with NASA and ESA is successfully conducted and a key element of the Strategic Partnership with ESA

February 2017

the “IoTEE” proposal is selected for funding within the European Union SME Instrument  – Phase 2 – program for developing the connectivity chip for IoT device receiver

November 2016 

a Memorandum of Understanding is signed during the INNOTRANS trade fair in Berlin with RZD Russian Railway CTO

June 2016

co-funded by the European Space Agency, a feasibility study is launched to validate the overall market aspects

Oct 2015   

a Proof of Concept is concluded on board the ISS as the basis for a new IoT network with global coverage and high capacity of devices connection (in million)

Aug 2014

the company is selected for the ESA Business Incubator Center near Munich to implement its New Space (Space 2.0) vision

Feb 2014

Dr Martin Haunschild incorporates SAT4M2M GmbH based on the idea of building-up a dedicated infrastructure at reasonable costs for global IoT data services, inspired by the evaluation of the results already operated on board the International Space Station


SAT4M2M receives technical support from a network of industries as well as research and development institutions like the DLR, Oberpfaffenhofen as e.g. calculation of satellite orbit parameters or link budget estimation, etc. The company gets also support and coaching from various institutions such as EU EIT (European Institute of Technology) Access to Finance, ETSI (European Telecommunication Standards Institute), AIOTI (Alliance on IoT) and various EU specialized coaches.

SAT4M2M also established very good relationships to international companies such as TAS Germany, SES, Airbus and oneWeb as well as universities such as Institut Éurecom, Sophia Antipolis, France, offering among others highly interesting support in the area of data security for wireless data communication. Further support is granted from the TZR Stuttgart, the Space technology transfer centre with its detailed experience in the development and verification in data transmission via space.


Management Team

Dr. Ing. Martin Haunschild

Dr. Ing. Martin Haunschild

Founder & CEO

Aerospace engineer with double business and space background:

  • “Co-ordinator Aerospace and Satellite Navigation in Bavaria” by order of the Bavarian State Government
  • R&D Committee Advisor of University of Applied Sciences Munich
  • Division Manager/Senior Manager at MAN Technologie AG
  • Department Head of BMW Telematics
Philippe Moretto, MSc/execMBA

Philippe Moretto, MSc/execMBA


20 years in space and high-tech sales and marketing:

  • Active in several Standard Organizations in telecom, such as ETSI, AIOTI, 3GPP
  • Worked on several space programs with Galileo and ESA
  • Sales and marketing experience by Experian and Goldman Sachs

Supervisory Board

Prof. Dr. Dr.-Ing. h.c. Ernst Messerschmid

Prof. Dr. Dr.-Ing. h.c. Ernst Messerschmid

Former Science Astronaut with a spaceflight on US Space Shuttle Challenger for D1. Director of the Institute of Space Systems at the University of Stuttgart. He owns 10 patents, wrote ca. 150 journal papers and authored 10 books.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Felix Huber

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Felix Huber

Director of the GSOC (German Space Operation Center) at DLR /Oberpfaffenhofen, inventor and developer of the GTS-1 and GTS-2 system on ISS. He is Professor for space operation at the University of FAF.


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